Current Food Policy Movies of Note

Film screenings and film-related events are always popular.  A recent leader call on planning & hosting an effective event turned up a bunch of questions about how to secure licenses, how much to charge, etc.  This thread will be a place to check in about current movie opportunities as well as a place to discuss the various logistics of planning a movie-related event.

Here are 3 current opps:

“Grown in Detroit”: Licenses still available for this documentary. The film is based on the urban gardening efforts of Catherine Ferguson Academy, a school where 300 pregnant and parenting teenagers are getting a high school education.  As part of the curriculum, the girls are taught agricultural skills in the school’s own garden located behind the school building.  The young mothers learn, through gardening, to become more independent and knowledgeable about the importance of food.  Click here for more information.

“Eating Alaska”: Screenings also available for this quirky documentary that follows the journey that Ellen Frankenstein, a former vegetarian, takes in search of a local, sustainable diet in Alaska.  You can read about it on the blog here. For more information contact or call 907-747-3399.

“Lunch Line”: This is a brand new documentary that weaves together history and agriculture, advocacy and bureaucracy, and frames the current debate over school lunch reform within a larger national and political context. It features Jan Poppendieck, Debra Eschmeyer, Chef Ann Cooper (“Renegade Lunch Lady”) and other school lunch advocates.  Interested in a screening?  Contact

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